The Danblock brand belongs to the Scandinavian potentate of the audomotive market – the Roulunds Braking company.

Roulunds Braking is a company with impressive tradition – it was established in 1736 in Denmark, while the production of friction materials was started right after the end of WWI, in 1926.

The new chapter of the company history started in 2003, when it was taken over by the American concern MAT, as a result of which it gained access to global technologies, foreign capital and the global automotive market.

Right now, Roulunds Braking is one of the largest global producers of high-quality friction materials for the automotive market, supplying the clients all over the world.

Roulunds Braking offers not only brake blocks, but also brake shoes, cladding, dicks and accessories. The company offer is concentrated both on cars and trucks.

For the first time, the Danblock brand appeared in the market right after WWII. For years, it has been appreciated by clients in the markets of Western Europe, with biggest successes in its home market – Denmark.

Both then and now, the Danblock brand represents the top-quality Scandinavian technical solutions and the years of experience in the automotive industry.

Since 2003, Roulunds Braking, the owner of the Danblock brand, has been owned by the US concern MAT Holdings.

MAT Holdings was established in 1990 and since then it has developed from a local company from Illinois to a diversified global producer offering its products on 3 continents and employing over 14,000 people.

MAT Auto Group

Producer of friction materials and their components, production potential > 140 million brake blocks and 10 million car brake shoes per year

Supplier of parts for cars and commercial trucks

MAT Auto Group is the member of the holding concentrated on the automotive market. Today, MAT AUTO Group is the global leader in the production of friction materials and car suspension elements for the original equipment market (OEM/OE/OES) for after-market clients.

The Group operates in 44 branches in 12 countries on 3 continents, in the system of vertical integration – as a result of which it is at the disposal of unique capabilities in the scope of design, development, production and logistics of its products on a global scale.

MAT Auto Group consists of 3 business units:

  • MAT Foundry Group, with its registered office in Great Britain, with foundries located in North America, Europe and Asia, designs and produces parts and components for cars and commercial trucks
  • MAT Friction Group, with its registered office in the USA and factories located in the United States, Europe and Asia, produces friction materials such as brake blocks, shoes and their components
  • Suspension Components Group, with its registered office in the USA and factories located in the USA and Mexico, mainly supplies the North American market with suspension system elements

All the units supply the clients with original equipment (OEM/OE/OES) and in the aftermarket.

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Research and development

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